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In today's classrooms, we are seeing a push toward learning by doing.

 But what happens when kids just won't (or have serious struggles with) doing. Too many times it's just easier for us to do it for them, but we know that's not helpful. 

Let's talk about 1) where schools in Kansas are going with Redesign; 2) what that means for kids, teachers, and paras; 3) how we shift our roles to ones of great empowerment and deep support in these learning-by-doing classrooms. 

This is a hands-on session where we will practice higher order thinking and questioning, projects and Project Based Learning supports, social emotional learning supports for students, and self-care for educators.
Starts Starts: 9/16/2019 8:15 AM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
Status Status: 29 open seats left
Class Size Class size: 30 seats
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ESSDACK is proud of our 13+ year track record of supporting PK-12+ teachers, schools, and communities across Kansas (and beyond) with moving instruction to Project/Problem Based Learning (PBL). And we’re doubly excited you’re on this journey too! 

Join us this fall as we work together to extend your summer learning. We’ll trouble-shoot your implementation questions, work on the inspirational process and developing project ideas, and most useful of all, partner with other educators across the state to build tasty PBL units! All of this is participant-driven. You will help guide your personalized agenda for a truly PBL-driven experience.

Experts in both elementary and secondary PBL will be on-hand. Come create the learning your students deserve! 

Regular essdack workshop fees, no material fees
Starts Starts: 10/8/2019 8:30 AM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
Status Status: 50 open seats left
Class Size Class size: 50 seats
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